Rehearsal Dinner

Next on the agenda for the wedding weekend was the rehearsal dinner!  When we were deciding on a place to have the rehearsal dinner Luke's mom and I went over several options, and ended up settling on Darfon's.  It was the perfect fit for us since is one of our FAVORITE restaurants.  It has a fun yet romantic atmosphere, and the food is to die for!  We were so blessed to have all of our closest friends and family together for a more relaxed intimate dinner before the big day. 
Me and my parents

Some of the girls

My best friend Roy

Out of about 6 pictures this is the only decent one from the night

my best friend./maid of honor
If you look close you can see the globe necklace around my neck.  After everyone did their toast Luke's mom told me she had something for me.  She said when Luke was young he gave her globe earrings as a gift.  She had lost one of them over the years so she put the one she had left on a necklace,  and wanted me to have it.  She told me Luke had given her the world, and she hoped he could give it to me now.  I thought it was so sweet, and meant so much to me.  I have the necklace tucked away in a special place to give to one of our kids one day.  There were so many special moments like that throughout the weekend that I will cherish forever. 
Cheers to great friends and a great rehearsal dinner!

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