27 Weeks....

It's kind of funny that I am following my one year anniversary post up with a preggo post.  I am just happy that I am finally posting on time this week.  I am 27 weeks pregnant with Hudson today, and feeling it.  I had anticipated a relaxing weekend, and it was for the most part but I am feeling extra tired today.  Our anniversary was yesterday, and even though we are technically celebrating this weekend coming up, because we had a wedding on Saturday we did get out for a little fun last night.  Luke's mom bought us along with his sister, her husband, and his brother tickets to CMA fest last night.  The last night of CMA fest always has a great lineup and this year it did not disappoint we saw The Band Perry, Darius Rucker, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, and Taylor Swift.  That is not completely correct because we left before Taylor Swift performed because after walking to the very top of LP field, sitting in stadium seats, and getting up to use the bathroom three times I could not make it until the very end.  Even though we left early we did not make it home until midnight, so I am one tired mama today.  That seems to be a theme for me lately, so I am beginning to think the honeymoon of the second trimester is coming to an end.  So here is what we have going on this week:

Total Weight Gain: My wonderful husband has been getting up with me at 5:30 every morning to go walk (which may also be contributing to the tiredness) since I can never find the motivation by the time the afternoon rolls around.  I am crossing my fingers that when I go to the Dr. on Wednesday I have maintained my 23 lb weight gain.  I went to my parents and exercised in the pool twice over the weekend, and I am hoping that will help out too.  I have also done pretty well at fighting the urge to eat frozen yogurt every time the urge hits me, which is pretty much every day.

Sleep: I am used to the usual waking up to go to the bathroom, and fighting to get comfortable, so no complaints here.

Food Eating: As I mentioned before I have been craving yogurt lately and I have been eating a lot of fruit.  I have noticed something different lately, and that is I get full really fast.  It does not take much to fill me up at all, and if I overeat I am so miserable I cannot move, so I try to listen to my body and not let that happen.

Movement: Busy little bee.

Gender: Boy.  Since it is obvious now that I am having a boy this will probably be the last week I have the gender category.

What I Miss: This week I am really missing my motivation.  We still have not started on the nursery (sad I know) but I just cannot get motivated to do it.  We are having to do some rearranging and serious cleaning, and every time I think about or try to get started on it I get so overwhelmed that I just never get started.  If we just had an empty room it would be much easier, but we are losing a closet and office so I just need to figure out where all of the stuff is going to go.  Luke has been working on a side job that has taken him several weeks, so he works until 8 or 9 every night.  I think that is part of the problem, because its such a huge task and the thought of taking it on myself gives me anxiety.  We are hoping to at least get started organizing and cleaning this week so he can paint this weekend, but I am not making myself any promises because I feel like we have been saying it for weeks now.  I do know that I want to get it done ASAP while I am still feeling good, and can get around really well.

Best Moment of the Week: starting to exercise and feel better.

What I am looking Forward to:I go to the Dr on Tuesday to have my glucose test done, and I am hoping to cross one more thing to worry about off my list.

Here I am with my friend Megan at a wedding we went to over the weekend.

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