Scary Saturday

I think I can chalk this past Saturday up as one of the scariest days in my life.  Remember me talking about having a work day to finish up odd and end projects?  One of the projects was to replace the steps that go from our kitchen down into the den.  Luke woke up early and him and my uncle got right work and realized they were going to have to replace everything (they originally thought they could use the frame of the original steps), so they took a trip back to Lowe's.  My mom called shortly after and said her and my dad were on their way, and so I got up and went to open the door for them.  Our front door is really hard to open because Luke put a weather strip on it, so after a failed attempt at getting it open I went to open the door in the den.  They had already removed the old steps so all that was left was the platform, and for some reason still unknown to me i thought I could just just off of the platform down into the den.  I have a really bad habit of forgetting that I am pregnant and thinking that I can do things that I clearly cannot, so as soon as i bent my legs to jump I lost my balance and one leg went down and the other did not.  I honestly cannot tell you exactly how it happened because I still have not been able to put it together, but what I can tell you it was the dumbest thing I have ever done.  As soon as I went down on my right leg it gave out and I felt a pop.  I was immediately in so much pain that I could not stop screaming or get my breath.  I was so scared, and worried about Hudson that I didn't even care about my ankle.  I finally got myself calmed down and crawled to open the door, and started yelling for any of my neighbors, and none of them were outside.  I was so scared and being there by myself made my hysteria ten times worse.  Finally after about 15 minutes I saw my parents coming down the road.  I was crying so hard they could not figure out what had happened and just put me in the truck and headed to the emergency room.  Thank the lord for my mom who was so wonderful and calmed me down.  I kept saying I couldn't feel Hudson move and she assured me he was OK.  As soon as we got to the ER they took me right back and I told them I didn't care about my ankle I just wanted to make sure my baby was OK.  They sent someone down from labor and delivery right away and she found his heartbeat within a few seconds, I felt an instant calm come over me, and I just could not stop thanking the Lord for taking care of my baby.  After that they took x-rays and ruled out my foot being broken, and said I had just sprained it really bad.  They called my Dr to let her know what happened and she wanted me to be observed so they sent me up to labor and delivery to monitor Hudson.  They wanted to make sure that he was OK and that the trauma had not caused me to start having contractions or anything.  They watched him for about an hour, and said that everything looked OK just to take it easy for a few weeks.  I went home, and that's when the guilt set in, and has not stopped, I am just so mad at myself for doing something so stupid and putting my baby at risk.  I just burst out in tears randomly thinking about how it could have been so much worse.  I think this is just a sign to show me that I need to stop overdoing it and take all precautions to make sure Hudson is safe, and I will not be doing anything like that again.  I did determine on Sunday morning that I must have hit the tile pretty hard because there was not one inch on my body that was not sure.  On a positive note, Luke, my dad, and two uncles worked so hard all weekend and finished the steps and they turned out great!  These steps have been a thorn in my side for months and I am so thankful to finally have them done.  I didn't get any before pictures for obvious reasons, but here they are finished, and Jax wanted to be in the picture.

From the top of the landing off the side is where
I fell from....about 4 feet.

Hopefully we will not have anymore accidents like this for a very long time, and I will be taking extra precautions and taking better care of myself for the remainder of this pregnancy. 


  1. Oh my goodness... how scary! I'm glad to hear that you and baby are fine. I think we all have that guilt moment- in my first pregnancy I moved a really heavy bookcase and spotted the next day... totally coincidental but I sobbed hysterically. And then once he's here you'll have even more... when he rolls off of the bed or falls when you aren't looking. Take it easy over these next few weeks. I know it's difficult but he'll be here soon!

  2. bless your heart friend...so glad you and hudson are OK ;)

  3. Oh my! That's so scary! Amber I'm so glad you and Hudson are ok!!