Baby Shower

Hudson and I had our first baby shower this past weekend, and this is one blessed little boy.  The fun started on Friday night when my best friend surprised me and came in town for the shower!  I dd not think she was going to make it, because last weekend was the end of her family vacation.  Katie along with my best friend Brittany managed to keep the secret that she was going to cut her vacay short and come to the shower a secret for weeks!  I appreciated her making the trip and being there for my special day more than she will ever know.

I was up bright and early Saturday morning to get ready for my shower, I have been putting off a pedicure for quite some time, and I thought the day of the shower would be the perfect time to pamper myself.  I knew my shower would be adorable when I received this in the mail a month before:

I knew it would be nothing short of fabulous with these women throwing my shower, and of course I was right.  As soon as I walked in I was in love with all of the details these women worked so hard on.  Of course I had to check out the food right away, and could not wait to dig in.

                      I thought the mason jars for tea and root beer to drink were such a neat idea!

Here are the tables and decorations...I loved the sign, I am still trying to find a spot to hang it in our house for when we bring him home

                                          Here I am with the ladies that made it all happen...

      I love anything and everything monogrammed 

I am so thankful and feel so blessed that so many people already love Hudson, and came to our shower.  We have another shower this weekend with Luke's family, and I am looking forward to seeing all of them and spending time with everyone.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. what a cute shower!! I just love it!

  2. what a great theme for a shower! hope you got some great goodies for the baby :)