35 Weeks

I am 35 weeks pregnant with Hudson today, and we are feeling extra blessed this week.  I had my first baby shower this weekend, and it was so good to get out, and see all of our closest friends and family.  I have not been out of the house too much lately due to the extreme heat here in Nashville, I feel like I am going to have a heat stroke just getting from my car to the house after work.  Something not very exciting happened last week, and that is I had to stop wearing my wedding ring.  I was dreading this day, and hoping it did not have to happen, but with the heat being so bad I could not put it off any longer.  I kept thinking I could wear it one more day, and then it became really difficult to get off, and I realized it was time to take it off before it got stuck.  I never take my ring off except to clean it, so it had been quite the adjustment.

Total Weight Gain: I go to the Dr this week, so I will know for sure next post.

Sleep: I was telling someone just the other day, there are really no "good nights of sleep" at this point, but I get enough to feel rested.  I am starting to go to the bathroom more often at night, and I was having some pretty intense pains last night in my stomach.  I am not too sure what it was about, but it didn't last very long, and I woke up feeling OK.  I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my hips the past few days, but I chalk it up as "part of it" along with all the other aches and pains.  I really can't complain, because I have not been in too much pain until this point.  I am going to go swimming more this next week, and I think that will really help with my joints and soreness.

Food Eating: Yesterday morning I woke up with an intense craving for biscuits and gravy, and I had to have my moms in particular.  We headed to church and I could not get it off of my mind, so I text my mom right before church started and being the saint that she is she made it for me.  Other than that my eating has been normal this week.

Movement: I can tell he is getting bigger and cramped in there.  He is still moving, but I feel like it is slowing down, and I am feeling him stretching and getting comfortable.  He is really active and puts on the best "show" at night before we go to bed.  Luke always says "what is he doing in there", as if I know ha ha.

What I am missing: I miss being outside, I love being outdoors and I feel like summer is going to be over, it is going to get cold, and I have not been outside at all.  Not to mention I have been getting a little stir crazy lately. 

What I am looking forward to: We have a big day Wednesday....we are meeting with his potential pediatrician, and if we like her I am going to get everything set up for her to come see him when he is born.  I also have a pretty big OB appointment that day, she is going to check my cervix for the first time that day.  I have to say this is NOT something I am looking forward to, to be honest I am terrified.  I have had many people tell me that it is very painful, and I do not have a high pain tolerance.  The part that is exciting about it, is it means we are getting VERY close to meeting Hudson, she will see me every week from here on out and check my cervix to see if I am dilated.  I am hoping it gets better each week, but if not I am just going to have to deal with it,and again chalk it up as "part of it".  After my appointment we are going to tour the L&D floor at the new hospital, and get preregistered.  I am happy that Luke is going to take off that day to go to all of these appointments with me, and he will get to hear Hudson's heartbeat. 

Best Moment of the Week: My baby shower! I will do a full recap on the shower tomorrow.

Here we are this week:


  1. Amber, you look great! Can't believe you are getting so close. I remember that feeling of HAVING to eat whatever it was I was craving. SO funny, but I also craved breakfast food, which is hilarious because I was never much of a breakfast person. I made Brian go with me to IHOP one night because if I didn't eat pancakes right then, I was going to DIE! Good luck with everything in the coming weeks. You're on my mind! :)

  2. you look great! hope you enjoyed your shower and all the new baby goodies!