Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Biggest Loser....Family Style

If you all remember last fall my family started a weight loss competition, well its back!  My sister and I obviously have baby weight to lose, and the rest of my family still has additional weight they want to lose, so we decided to start the competition again.  I am going to make an effort to do much better with keeping you all updated this time.  I have had several people ask me how we do the contest so I wanted to refresh everyone and give you our rules.   We weigh in every week at the same time wearing the same clothes.  Just like biggest loser we take the percentage of the amount lost rather than lbs to keep it fair.  The biggest loser of the week gets a free pass, the person who loses the least has to pay $10, and everyone in between pays $5, so everyone has a little incentive to keep up with the diet.  If you had a bad week and decide you want to forfeit the weigh-in or don't show up you automatically pay $10, but the person with the least percentage of weight loss still has to pay their $10 as well.  Of course at the end of the contest the winner takes all!  We changed the rules slightly this year and decided we will not weigh in the weekends of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you have a good amount of family and friends who want to lose weight I am telling you all this is the way to do it, we had so much fun with this last year.  It gets quite competitive and the trash talking gets pretty hysterical.  It is so fun to do it with a group, because you are held accountable and during the winter months when most people gain weight you come through the holidays having lost weight.  We also really enjoyed it because the winter months tend to get boring and it gives you something to look forward to every week.  Sunday was our cheat day so everyone would bring something to the weigh in and we would all have brunch after or we would go out to eat afterwards.  I will say that everyone put some of the weight back on with the exception of my dad.  I just have to show you all pictures, because I am so proud of him.  When we weighed in last week for the first time he was 40lbs lighter than when we started the contest last year!  He has lost 10 lbs since we finished the contest last year and has made a complete lifestyle change.  Last week was our first weigh in and I lost 3 lbs, but we had some come into the contest late so we didn't pay money, this Sunday will be the first official weigh in where we pay money.  So I will start posting everyone's weight loss next week.....oh and the contest runs for 16 weeks.  Here are before and after pictures of my dad.....the before are at my wedding and he was about the same size as when we started the contest.  The after are from a few weeks ago at the farm, I didn't have a good close up but you get the idea.

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  1. That's such a great idea and sounds like so much fun! Awesome incentives and with bonus family bonding time. I love it. Keep up the good work!

    Much love,