Now that it is almost Thanksgiving I am finally getting around to posting about Halloween.  I do have an excuse, I lost the cord to my camera and just got a new one in the mail.  Now I have a ton of pictures to load and I will be able to keep everyone updated better.  We usually go to my moms every year and trick-or-treat, but this year we went to my sister's new neighborhood to try it out, and I have to say I was a little disappointed.  My parents neighborhood is like one from a movie where there are hoards of kids everywhere, and people bring their kids to that neighborhood to trick-or-treat.  When we set out to get candy this year we were greeted with dark streets and many porch lights turned off.  Looks like next year we will be headed back to Nana and Pawpaw's to trick-or-treat.  Hudson only made it to a few houses because it was so cold, but that's OK. 

                                                                     My sweet little skeleton

Maddie and Mia were both Ladybugs

Of course Macy Kate was too busy the
whole time for me to get any decent pictures of her,
but she was a witch.

Maddie passed out before we even
left the house

This is where Hudson did all of his
trick-or-treating from

Paw Paw and his babies

The day before Halloween I dressed Hudson up in a cute little outfit my friend Natasha gave to him, and we had a little photo shoot.

He is probably saying "daddy I am over this"

This was the only picture we got with props, because
he had a major blowout and had to be changed.

We are going for his two month check-up on Friday, so stay tuned for a full post with lots of pictures!

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