3 Months

I feel like these monthly posts come quicker and quicker each month.  We do not go back to the pediatrician until his four month check-up, so I don't have his weight and height, but I can definitely tell he has grown.

Hudson, at three months old you have developed such a personality.  I know I say that every month, but it is amazing how much you change day to day.  It seems like the older you get the faster time goes by.  I try to cherish every moment with you, because I can already tell that you are not going to be my baby very long.  I may or may not have put off all of my errands and wrapping,  and just held you all day yesterday, and felt completely justified.

A BIG change from last month is, you are no longer sleeping with us!  We have not made the big move into your crib, but you are sleeping in our bedroom in your pack n play.  We have decided that you, mommy, and daddy all sleep better now.  You are still not very consistent with your sleeping, some nights you will sleep six hours straight, others you are up every two hours.  You use to hate to be swaddled, now that is the only way you will sleep.  If you are not swaddled you sleep with your hands above your head.

You are still breastfed, but we have started to supplement with formula, because I do not make enough milk to keep up with your appetite.  You have been an eating machine lately, and have been eating every 1-2 hours day and night it seems like.  I have started giving you formula to give myself a break, and so you get nice and full.  You do really well with formula, so that will make me feel better when I do stop breastfeeding you.  I am excited to start you on cereal next month, in hopes that it will help you sleep longer.

You stay with your Nana, Macy Kate, and Maddie everyday, and it is so sweet to see you and Maddie together.  She is a little older than you, and she reaches her arms out to you all the time, and gives you kisses.  I know that you all will be so close growing up, which makes my heart happy.  Macy Kate loves to take care of you, and she even gave your one of her "night night's" to take home the other night.  Your Say-Say comes to see you everyday, and your eyes light up with when you see or hear her.

You are still very curious about Jax, and he thinks you are the greatest thing.

I like to think you are a mama's boy, however you are very fond of your daddy.

 You are finally starting to fill out your three month old clothes, and you are wearing more "big boy" clothes now.

You went to your first family Christmas in Gatlinburg this month.

Went to your first Christmas parade

Went to your first Christmas PJ party, and got lots of love!

You are trying SO hard to roll over, and you are almost there!
I think by my next post you will be a pro!

You are really starting to take interest in your toys,
you like holding and sucking on them.

You hate to be in the car or in your seat, this is something I hope gets better soon, because nothing shoots your mommy's nerves more than you screaming your head off in the car.

You still spit up.....A LOT.

You love to smile and "talk".

Here you are this morning, thrilled that you are being photographed.

There were lots of firsts for you this month Hudson, and this weekend is going to be your first Christmas.  We are so excited to have our own bundle of joy to wake up with Christmas morning.  Having a baby during the holiday season is such a blessing, and makes everything so much more exciting.  We are excited to start  Christmas traditions with our own little family, and continue them in the years to come.  We never knew that we could love something so much, and we cannot wait for more firsts in the next month!

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