Time Capsule Ornaments

My sister found this adorable idea for time capsule ornaments online, and we decided to make them for our kids.  We were not real sure what we were doing, but once we got started on them we LOVED the idea.  We are definitely going to make this a tradition that we do every year from now on.  Since this was our first year doing them they are not great, but we are hoping to get better each year. 

Macy Kate entertained Hudson while we worked.

I am sad this is the only picture I took of the process, we bought clear ornaments that open up, and put pictures inside with modge podge.  My sister bought Christmas scrap booking paper, and we wrote things that happened throughout the year (or things we want to remember, milestones) on strips of paper.  You can add anything you want inside the ornament, but we just went with the paper this year. 

Write the baby/child's name, add some ribbon, and voila!

OK, mine did not turn our as well as my sister's did, I printed a picture that was way too big.  It actually does not look as bad in person as it does in the picture, and from far away the picture looks decent.  Like I said, this year was trial and error.

The little strips of Christmas paper look so cute!

I am sure there will be a few tears shed next year when we open these ornaments, and read what is inside.  I am so happy that we have started this tradition, hopefully our children will appreciate this when they are older, I know we will.

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