4 Months

My sweet baby boy is 4 months old today!  His pediatrician had a baby in November, and will not be back until the beginning of Feb, so we are going to see her Feb 1st.  I will post all of his stats after that visit, in a separate post.  I cannot wait to see how much he weighs now, because that boy is growing!

Hudson, gone are the days when you would not gain weight, and it was a fight to get you to eat, I think you have grown more in the past month than you have since birth.  Everyone who sees you cannot get over how much you have grown, and it amazes me everyday how fast you are growing.  I have a feeling time is really going to start flying by now.  This morning Luke said it seems like we have had you so much longer than 4 months, I feel the same way.

Eating: You are still primarily breastfed, but we have to supplement with formula to keep up with your hearty appetite.  You wanted to eat non-stop for about two weeks, you seem to be slowing down now, some days you do not need formula at all.  We started adding a little bit of cereal to your bottles about two weeks ago (when you seemed to never get full) to help fill you up, and help with spitting up.  It has seemed to really help with your spitting up, you will go in spurts where you will spit up non stop, and some days you don't spit up at all.  When you are at Nana's she feeds you 4 oz with a little bit of ceral every 4 hours.  When we are at home you only nurse, it is easier for mom, and you LOVE to nurse.  You would stay on the breast all the time if I would let you.  You have developed quite the temper in the past month as well, we always crack up, because you get so mad whenever someone takes the bottle/breast out of your mouth.  You can be completely full, but it never fails you throw a fit.....your face looks a little something like this:

I promise we do not torture you, but it is quite comical when you go into one of your fits. 

Sleeping: Whew, I could go on for days about your sleeping, or should I say not sleeping?  You have sort of went backwards since my last month post, you were sleeping really well in your pack in play for about two weeks, then you decided you wanted to be back in bed with mommy and daddy.  We caved.  We have been sleep training for four nights now, and it is going OK.  You started out crying for almost an hour, that has gotten better, but that is all.  We give you a bath, read, feed, rock, and put you in your bed.  You only cry for about 10 minutes before you go to sleep, you will sleep 1-2 hours, then you are up screaming for about an hour, we pat, put paci in, you go back to sleep for anywhere from15-45 minutes, at that point I usually put you in bed with us, and you are up one or two more times.  I am at a serious loss as to why you dont sleep, you don't nap a lot during the day, and we have you on a routine.  As I said before you love to nurse, and you were getting where you had to nurse to go to sleep, and wanted to nurse all night long.  That is when I knew we needed to start sleep training, because I did not want that to go on much longer. Don't get me wrong, I love cuddling with you at night, but I do not sleep well at all when you are in the bed with us. Hopefully we will get this worked out soon, it breaks me heart to hear you cry, but I know this will be better for all of us in the long run.  It melts my heart when your daddy reads to you.

You are still in a size one diaper, but they are snug.  As soon as we use all of the last box up we will move on to size two.

You are wearing 3-6 month clothes.  I have put some 6 month things on you, they fit, just a little loose.

Everything you get your hands on goes straight to your mouth.

You drool all the time.

You have really starting playing with your toys and enjoying them.  I put you on your activity mat now, and you actually play rather than just lay there.  I have had toys on your car seat for some time now, and you have started batting/playing with them this past month.  You got so many new toys for Christmas we are enjoying playing with all of them.  I took your gift cards for Target and bought you this bad boy:

I cracks me up how determined you look when you get in this thing, you are on a mission to grab everything.  This is where you sit most days when we get home from Nana's while mommy cooks dinner.  I am not sure what you enjoy more, the toys, or the fact that you are eye level with Jax when you are in it.  I have turned around several times and Jax is giving you quite the slobber bath.  The bottom is on springs, I am sure you will be bouncing up and down when your legs get long enough.

                                                You have really started to enjoy your swing.
 You FINALLY rolled over, we were just playing on your mat one day, and you did it!  It was so nice of you to wait until me and your daddy were both sitting there with you.  You would have thought we hit the lotto.

You always sit in your highchair and play while mommy and daddy eat dinner, you look like such a big boy sitting in it.

Your smile continues to melt our hearts.

We thought you were going to experience your first snow, it was just a dusting, we were prepared anyway.

Like your mommy, you can say it all with your eyes.

Hanging out before one of many trips we made to the farm this month.

This is what happens when your daddy has/dresses you.

I could sit and watch you sleep all day.

This picture shows how big you are getting!

You love the TV.

I downloaded some apps for you on my ipad, and you love to look at it.

You also love to FaceTime with your cousins.

You and Madddy are still so cute together, you are finally starting to look close to her in size.

Here you are this morning before we left for Nana's.

You have started to "carry" a blankie around.  Macy Kate gave you one of her's, and you loved it.  You hold it up to your face when you sleep, and love hanging onto it.  It is just a recieving blanket cut up, to keep you from covering your face with it.

Hudson, we love you more than anything, and could not imagine life without you.  It has been so fun watching you develop into this little person this past month.  When I pick you up, you regognize me, and flash that huge grin, it makes me realize what life is all about.  The older you get the harder it is for me to leave you, but I know you are in great hands.  Your daddy thinks you hung the moon, you feel the same way about him.  I walked by your nursery the other day, and he was singing and rocking you, it brought tears to my eyes.  We are so proud to be your parents, and cannot wait to see what next month brings!

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