Grammy Recap.

This is my short and sweet recap of the not too exciting Grammy's this year. 

Chris Brown- I cannot believe they are still letting this monster have the satisfaction of people applauding him. 

Rihanna- She has a banging body, and a great voice, but I feel like she looked like a prostitute last night.

Taylor Swift- She looked like a performer at Opryland.

Katy Perry- I wanted to yell "YOU GO GIRL" after that performance.

Bruno Mars- My favorite performance of the night, so upbeat and happy!

Adele- Sounded great, but I am over that song.

Jennifer Hudson- PERFECTION!

Those are the performances that came to mind, I won't even begin to talk about all of the sound issues.  Hopefully next year they can get it together, and come up with a better show.

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  1. Bruno was my favorite too!! I loved when he told them all to get off their seats:)