Celebrate Life

Today is the anniversary of this accident.  Instead of doing a sad post of all the details I am going to be positive and celebrate their lives.  I have not had the best attitude lately, due to lack of sleep, but I vow to change that today. Instead of dreading being up all hours of the night I am going to cherish the late night feedings, and spending every moment of quality time I can with my baby, because I will never get this time in his life back.  I never want to know what it is like to lose a child, but after having my own I have a whole new perspective on what the girl's families went/ and are still going through.  I am thankful to have been a part of the girl's lives for such a short time, their death taught me more about life than they will ever know.  I am so thankful for my sorority sisters whom I will always have a special bond that goes beyond sisterhood.  I wish we could all be together on this day every year, but I know no matter where we are, or what is going on in our busy lives, on this day we are all celebrating  these ladies lives and thinking of each other.  I challenge everyone reading to have a positive outlook on life, and remember that life is too short to let the small things get in the way of being happy.  Until the next bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, birthday dinner, homecoming.....LIOB

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  1. It's so nice of you to honor their memories in this way. I remember finding out - I felt very connected to the loss, not only because it was my Chapter, but because I had suffered by own loss just one week before. It is nice to remember these beautiful girls every year. I am sure their families are comforted by the way their friends and family allow them to live on. LIOB