Super Bowl Nonsense

I apologize in advance, because I am going to be on a soapbox this morning.  Like most people in America last night we watched the Super Bowl, and like most women I was looking forward to the halftime show.  I am not going to lie I was not too impressed with Madge last night, it was a good performance, but I do not agree with those who say it was the best Super Bowl performance ever.  Don't get me wrong Madonna looked and sounded great, I think I was just expecting a little more from her.  I did noticed the TV blur at one point, and I didn't think much about it, when I turned on the TV this morning I learned the reason for it, M.I.A. flipping off the TV.

 Unfortunately the network was too late, and did not catch it in time to blur it out, I for one did not see it, after reading reports I could see it was plain as day.  This is where the soapbox comes in, call me old fashioned, but I found the gesture, tacky, tasteless, rude, classless, just to name a few.  Even though the Super Bowl is a sporting event, I feel like it is still considered a family event, and there are many kids that watch it.  Not to mention, getting to perform at the Super Bowl is such a honor why would you want to basically say F You to all the people who are watching?  I have never even heard the song they were singing, and maybe that was the nature of it, and the gesture went along with it, but I did not find it appropriate at all.  Ever since the whole Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake fiasco I feel like the performances have been  "tamed" if you will, and the performers have not been able to go all out in their performances.  So, thanks M.I.A., next year our half-time entertainment will be a string quartet, since the Super Bowl can't trusts artists to not make them have to release an apology Monday morning.  OK, I will step off of my soapbox for now, I hope everyone has a great week!

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