My New Face

As I mentioned in this post I wanted to treat myself to new makeup for my Birthday.  Since becoming a mom I rarely get to shop, and it is even more rare for me to shop for myself.  I knew I wanted to wait for the perfect time to go shop, I did not want to be rushed, and I wanted to thoroughly enjoy my pampering.  Last Saturday was the perfect day, I had no plans, Luke was golfing, and it was gorgeous out.  I loaded Hudson up, and headed to Sephora with the gift cards my mom and Katie gave me for my birthday.  I walked in the store, and a man asked me if I needed help, I explained that I needed all new makeup, I would like someone to do my makeup, and help me pick out colors.  He quickly told me they were busier than normal, I needed to make an appointment, and they did not have anyone that could help me (keep in mind there were tons of makeup artists walking around), so I walked out feeling completely defeated.  If you have been to Sephora you know how overwhelming that store can be, and I knew there was no way I could pick out all of my own makeup, not to mention I had not idea what I wanted.  I called Katie and told her I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.....I had all this money and nobody to help me HA.  I was furious, why would someone pretty much turn me away when I told them I was buying all new makeup?  I really wanted to say "screw Sephora" and go to MAC.  I knew that would not be smart since I had gift cards for Sephora.  I almost left the mall, but I really wanted new makeup, and who knows when I would make it back to the mall.  I decided to walk off some steam, and I headed back in the store.  I was immediately greeted by two women who were fussing over Hudson.  I explained to them I needed makeup, I knew they didn't have anyone who could do my makeup, but could someone just help me pick out a foundation color.  They were so sweet, and told me absolutely.  Jude was so helpful, did my entire face, explained everything she did, and helped me pick out everything I needed.  I am still kicking myself for not telling her about how the guy treated me when I first walked in there, but I was so happy to be helped I didn't want to ruin the experience. I even made a comment to her about it being so busy, she told me this was nothing, it was actaully a slow day.  I LOVE the way my makeup turned out, and so far  I have been really happy with everything I bought. I had several recommendations for Make Up Forever,  so I decided to give it a try.  I love it so far, it is not too heavy, good coverage, and lasts a long time.  Here is everything I bought for my new look.

HD Invisible Cover Concealer

HD Microperfecting Primer

HD Invivisible Cover Foundation

Too Faced Natural at Night Eyeshadow

HD Microfinish Powder

All Via

I also bought lip gloss, eye liner, and mascara, but I cannot remember the brands or colors.  It may not seem like a big deal to some, but for this mom it was an extra special treat.  I am so happy it ended up turning out well, and I was happy as a lark when I left the mall.

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  1. I have the two faced eye shadows, they are WONDERFUL!!! I use to wear an eye shadow primer, but the two faced collection stays on wonderful.. I also would suggest getting their daily brush cleaner... I dont use it daily, i use it weekly, sometimes bi=weekly. it is a miracle!!!!