Husbands Beware.

The grand re-opening of Opry Mills is a mere three days away, and I am like a kid at Christmas!  If I had a dime for every time I have said "I cannot wait for Opry Mills to re-open" I would be a rich woman.  There was a period of depression when I thought the beloved mall may not open again, but thank goodness someone (who I would kiss their feet) decided to take a chance on it.  Some may wonder why this is such a huge deal for me, and the reason my excitement is the fact that I could throw a rock and hit the mall from my house.  I would not call myself a huge shopper, but the convenience of having the mall so close to my house really spoiled me, and I didn't realize how often I went until it was gone.  Now that I have a baby that needs to dress to impress I have even more reason to visit, however that could be very dangerous.  Aside from the shopping we enjoy being able to just get out of the house, we would often just go to walk around, and have dinner at one of the restaurants.  There you have it people, my excitement for the week.....it doesn't take much these days.  I think the women of my family are going to make a "girls night" out of it, we may get wild and have dinner/drinks.  Will I be seeing any of you at the grand re-opening?

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  1. OH yay! Didn't realize it was ready to open back up! We will have to stop the next time we go visit John's family in Dickson!! Thank you for the sweet words! Boy, I hope I get some energy soon I can hardly make it through the day without a nap!