Under the Weather

Sorry I have been MIA this week, we have had a rough week in the Graves house.  Friday my throat was hurting so I went to the Dr, and he confirmed I had strep throat.  I felt awful all day Saturday, and started feeling so much better Sunday.  My throat started hurting again on Wednesday, so I called my Dr, and he told me to come in.  Turns out I have mono.  I have been so tired and achy this week, and I just thought it was the strep.  On top of being so tired from mono Hudson has been up every two hours the past two nights.  Hopefully this weekend is going to be filled with lots of R&R so that I am back to normal by next week.  I hope to be feeling better by Sunday, and I plan on doing a thorough cleaning on our house to get rid of all the sickies.  I feel like this past month me or Hudson has been to the doctor once a week.  I will get back to blogging next week, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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