Talk Derby To Me.

This Saturday is one of my favorite events of the year....DERBY!  I will be honest, before going to school in KY I knew nothing about this little gem.  I had heard of the Derby, but I had no idea how exciting it was.  Although I have never actually been to Derby I have managed to find myself at a Derby party every year.  My sisters husband is from Louisville, and they been to derby before.  This year they decided to sit it out, and having a party instead.  To make all of the other races exciting we always draw numbers, who doesn't love to win a little money?   Since I wasn't born royalty I will just have to settle for putting on my big fancy hat one day a year, and pretending.  For our couples shower two years ago we had a Derby party, and had a blast!



  1. I'm having a little derby party on Saturday (mixed in with some cinco de mayo fun) and I can't wait. I love all the hats!

  2. Wow, very nice photos! You and your friends look so awesome with all these hats!
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