8 Months.

Hudson,  you turned 8 months old last Saturday, and you have kept me so busy I am a little late with your 8 month post.  You are seriously getting to be so much fun these days, and really coming into your skin.

I put you on moms scales the other day and you weighed a whopping 20 lbs!  You are turning into a chunky monkey little man.  I no longer have to worry about doing arm workouts when I go to the gym, because lifting you is enough of a workout.  We are unsure of your height, we will find out when we go see Dr. LaLonde next month.

Thank goodness you have not been sick this past month, and were much more pleasant to be around.

You are doing all kinds of fun stuff these days.  You really want to crawl, but are not quite there yet.  You get up on all four, do the rocking thing, get mad and start crying.  I am sure you will crawl when you are ready.  I am in no hurry, because daddy and I have done nothing to baby proof the house. 

You are pulling up on EVERYTHING.  You actually started doing that before you tried to crawl.  It doesn't matter if it is something stationary or moving, if it is near you, you climb on it.  You love to walk up and down the couch, or go from the couch to the coffee table  I have a feeling we will be lowering your mattress very soon.

You are so much better at entertaining yourself now.  I can set you down to make dinner or work around the house, and you will play for a long period of time without fussing.  You have outgrown a lot of your "baby" toys, and are more interested in your toys that make lots of noise. 

You have been such a good sleeper lately.  We lay you down in your bed between 6:30 and 7:00, you will usually sleep until 4, I give you a bottle, and I usually have to wake you up at 6 in the morning.  I can't say that every night goes this smoothly, but for the most part you do well at night.  You have really learned how to self soothe, we can put you down and instead of screaming yourself to sleep you will talk to yourself.  We have a little toy that plays music and lights up hanging in your crib, you have learned how to turn it on yourself.  It makes me sad you are getting to be such a big boy, but it also makes me happy to see you becoming so independent.  You usually wake up in such a good mood, sometimes I think you are still sleeping, I will go in and check on you, and you are having your own little party.  Going into your room when you wake up and seeing that big gummy grin is one of my favorite things these days.  However, if you wake up screaming I already know it is going to be a rough day.

You are eating 6 oz of formula every 3-4 hours.  You LOVE your bottle, you get so excited when you see it.  I have a feeling taking it away is going to be tough.  Baby food is still touch and go with you.  Sometimes I can get you to eat two full jars, others you barely take two bites.  You LOVE table food.  Mom always keeps a Ziploc bag of crackers in your bag in case you start throwing a fit in pubic, it does the trick every time.  I am always giving you a taste of different foods we are eating, and I have not met a food you did not like.  We are still working on the sippy cup.  You are getting better, but usually just throw it when I give it to you.

You have become quite vocal these days.  If you are awake, you are jabbering.  It is pretty entertaining.  You are very serious, and seem to know exactly what you are saying.  You love to pat, give kisses, and blow bubbles.

I was in a rush one day and put you in  the sink to take a bath, you thought it was the best thing ever.

You are such a little trooper for your very social mommy and daddy.  We are always on the go, and always have things to do on the weekends.  You are just happy to be along for the ride. 

We are so fortunate to have both sets of your grandparents so close, we are never in need of a babysitter. 

We have two beach trips planned for this summer, and mommy has been buying you all sorts of cute outfits for our trips. 

You and Maddy are still playing together really well.  Maddy can beat up on you a little more since she moves around better, but you get licks in too.  I am sure we will be breaking up many fights between the two of you.

                                     Then you will turn around and be so sweet to each other.

  You can have quite the temper if something sets you off.  If you ever slow down you fall asleep, just like your daddy.

You have one tooth on the bottom that has broke through.  I have a feeling another one is close behind.  You still put everything in your mouth.

Hudson, we are so blessed to be your parents, and thank God everyday for trusting us with such a precious gift.  You are the light of our lives, and continue to amaze us everyday.  We may not always do everything right, but we are doing the best we can.  Your big brown eyes melt our hearts, and I am sure they are going to break hearts one day.  We love you so much!

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