I feel like the last few weeks have gone by in such a whirlwind.  I was sick at the beginning of last week, and then my sweet papa had to have surgery on Friday to remove fluid from his lungs and heart.  Is is still in ICU, and breathing with a ventilator.  We are hoping and praying that he can pull through this.  Thank goodness I put my Christmas decorations up early this year, and I have been able to do a little shopping.  We have been spending a lot of our time at the hospital, and I have a feeling it will be like that for a while.  We did manage to take a break from reality and squeeze in a few holiday activities this weekend.  Normally we go to the Christmas parade in our little community, but it was Saturday during visiting hours at the hospital, so we decided to go to the parade in Mt. Juliet where my sister lives.  I LOVE Christmas parades that are held at night, I think there is something magical about all the floats lit up,  it reminds me of a movie.  We loaded the kids up,  soaked up the parade, and then headed back to my sisters house to make our annual time capsule ornaments.  I love this tradition we started last year, I was worried we wouldn't have time for it this year, but we made it a priority.  Our two cousins came over, and we had so much fun drinking wine, and spending time together.  We tried to take the kids to see Santa last night, but he was booked up for the night by the time we got there(popular guy.)  We are going to go back to the mall this week in hopes of seeing the big guy!  I am anxious to see how Hudson does with him.....pictures to come! 

Thank goodness Luke took care of me while I was sick.

This is a bad picture, but the kiddos at the parade.

Hudson and Maddie.....she looks evil.

Paw Paw giving Hudson a lift so he could see the parade.

This little girl was worn out afterwards.  She has
had her uncle Luke's heart since the day she was born.


Last years did not turn out as well, but look at the difference a year makes.

We are planning on taking the kids to see Christmas lights this weekend, and making cookies.  It is so much fun to start/continue Christmas traditions now that I have a child of my own.  Hudson is not as into it right now, but Macy Kate is at such a fun age.  I know Hudson and Maddie will be so much fun in the years to come.

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