Family Vacation 2013 Part One

We have been back from our family vacation for over a week now, and I am still in denial.  Hence the lack of blog posts.  We had such an incredible trip, and it was so sad to come back to reality. Rewind to our family vacation last year when we were cramped in a condo on the 27th floor.  The vacation was wonderful, but we decided afterward that we wanted to try a private home this year, I am here to tell you friends, that is the way to go.  We did our research and found a home close to Pier Park with 6 bedrooms, and it was amazing.  We had such an amazing group of people.  It was so fun to take a trip with our family, and best friends.  As soon as we walked on the back deck, and saw this we knew it was going to be a good week.  Steps from the beach=perfection.

We spent our days being complete beach bums.  Hudson and Maddie did OK on the beach, but they would be over it pretty quick.  Luckily we brought a blow up pool to put on the deck, and they would play in it forever.

We arrived on Father's Day, but we didn't get to do any celebrating since everyone was getting settled in.  We decided to charter a private boat for all the men to go deep sea fishing on Tuesday as their gift.  They had an absolute blast!  My brother in law caught a Wahoo, which is apparently a "prize fish."  They are very hard to catch and rare.  It is said to be the "fillet of the sea."  We all benefited from the trip, because we ate the fish they caught all week long.  The Wahoo was probably the best fish I have ever put in my mouth.  Hopefully he will have the same luck next year, because I don't think I will be finding it on a restaurant menu.

They were pretty pumped after the trip, so they bought fishing poles, and did some fishing off the pier, and by the house.  Nicholas was the only one that caught a fish the whole week. 

Most nights we would cook dinner at the house (which was amazing, because we saved money, and it would have been a nightmare to go out to eat with 18 people.) Then we would either play games on the porch, or take the short walk to pier park.  The kids had a blast at the "carnival" as they called it.  My friend Leigh came to visit us several times, and one night we relived our childhood and rode the "Sea Dragon" from Miracle Strip.  We had such a blast!  

Stay tuned for part two next week....I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!

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