Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family Vacation Part Two:

We wanted to do something fun/cost friendly with the kids on the third night we were at the beach (you can only take Pier Park so much) so we decided to have a luau.  We played freeze dance and the kids did the limbo.  Everyone had an absolute blast, and it was to just stay home for a night.

Hudson loved the pool on the deck so much, in fact we had to change his clothes several times a day, because if he was on the porch he was in the pool.  Even after I would give him a bath, and change him.

Here are a few other pictures from the trip, in no particular order.

Typical, Hudson is doing something he shouldn't be while the others kids play. 

These guys clearly think they are still in college.


  1. A luau?! How stinkin' fun is that!

  2. Love the luau idea! Fabulous beach photos too! Looks like a great trip!