16 Weeks

I went to my 16 week check up yesterday, and everything seems to be moving right along.  It is so hard to believe we are already this far along.  I am still having a lot of nausea/puking.  I try not to take my Zofran unless its necessary, because of those wonderful side effects.  When I do take it I have to chase it with a fiber bar, and a bowl of raisin bran :)  Thankfully I am finally getting my energy back, and feel halfway normal.

Total Weight Gain: 5LBS

Sleep: I am not sleeping that great.  I am having a hard time sleeping on my side, and I get up a lot throughout the night.

Food/Eating: Everything is pretty much the same in this area.  Still craving apples, cereal, and pancakes.  I craved Asian food all last week (hibachi in particular.)  I finally talked Luke into going on Sunday, and it made me so sick.  One of the reasons I never eat it.  I don't think I'll be having that craving again for a while.  I still don't feel like eating much meat. 

 Movement: I have felt "it" move a couple of times.  If I had not been pregnant before I wouldn't know what it was.  It brought back a flood of memories.  I love those little kicks so much, and can't wait for more.  Until they become karate kicks in the ribs :)

Gender: It is so weird to me that I have NO idea what this baby is.  With Hudson, you couldn't convince me it was anything, but a boy.  I have no idea with this one.  The heartbeat is all over the place, and I have no "feeling" either way.  I kind of think it would be fun to do a gender reveal with all of our family and friends, since none of us have a clue what we are having.  We will know November 4th! 

What I miss: Cooking, waking up without feeling sick, having tons of energy to play with Hudson.  

Best Moment of the Week: Hearing that that sweet little heartbeat.  I am at that point where I can't feel it move very much, and I know I am still pregnant, but you still get a little freaked out not knowing.  I know lots of movement is in the near future, and that is so reassuring. Luke and I settled on both a boy, and a girl name.  Whatever this sweet baby is we will love its name either way.

Excuse the bad lighting, and crap all over the table. 

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  1. You look so cute!!! I can't wIt to hear what baby #2 is!!