18 Weeks

So much for getting weekly posts done.  I have been so busy lately I don't know which way it up.  All this is good, because it is making time FLY by! I am still sick.  Just when I think it is getting better, I get hit with nausea/puking.  Luckily, it is not everyday.  If its true what they say about being sick means a healthy pregnancy......this baby better make me lots of money being a pro athlete one day :)

Total Weight Gain: I have not been on the scale.  I would say after Gatlinburg I have added a few pounds to my previous 5 lbs gain.

Sleep: Sleep is ok.  I still get up a couple of times to pee, and we will have a toddler come into our room on random nights.  After having one baby sleep is not something I am too focused on, nor do I require it as much as I used to.  I have been really tired this week, and going to bed earlier.

Food/Eating:  I crave Simply Apple apple juice like it is my job!  I am back to my water guzzling self, which makes me happy. I eat Amy's Organic burritos most days for lunch, and I made turkey tacos for dinner last night.  But you could not pay me to eat at a Mexican restaurant.  It's funny how cravings are so specific.  

 Movement:  I am starting to think this baby is going to be a lot less active in the womb.  I really don't feel it move to often, and Hudson was doing gymnastics at this point.  I usually have to be laying down really still to feel movement.

Gender:  I still have no clue what we are having.  We will find out in two short weeks!

What I miss: I can honestly say I am not missing anything this week.  I have been a little sick, but its not constant, and I am feeling great otherwise.

Best Moment of the Week: With the holidays in full swing it is fun to think about having two babies next year!  It is still so hard to believe, and we are so thankful.

I really need to get better about taking pictures.  Our bathrooms at work are so small I can't even get a full body, but you get the point :)

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