Halloween 2013

The week before Halloween Hudson was sick.  We took him to the Dr, and she confirmed hand, foot, and mouth.  It was awful.  He had it in his mouth, and I know it had to be so painful.  Then Tuesday night before Halloween he woke up projectile puking at 1:00 in the morning.  I have to say, toddler puking is the worst.  They can't tell you when it is coming, and they immediately gravitate toward you right before it happens.  I guess from having hand, foot, and mouth he just couldn't shake the stomach virus very fast.  He was starting to feel better by Halloween, but not completely well.  Luckily for us there were bad storms here in Nashville so we had to postpone trick or treating until Friday.  That gave him another day to recover.  He was still not up to par Friday, but  I decided to take him trick or treating for a little while.  He was ok for a little while, and then whined the rest of the time.  I knew the skunk costume from last year would be hard to top, but I think this years costume was a close second.
                                                              Poor sick little boy

I should have known where the night would go from here.

I painted the girls nails black for Halloween.

Macy was a "Diner Girl."  Does this make anyone
else think of Cinderella Story?

Maddie's costume was hilarious.  She didn't slow down
enough for me to get a decent picture.

Thankfully he is still a little too young to be that into trick or treating.  A few houses for pictures was enough for us.  Next year we will be taking two kiddos!  Stay tuned tomorrow to find out the gender of baby Graves #2!

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