The Name

Unlike when we were pregnant with Hudson, we had both a boy and girl name picked out pretty early on.  We both really love the idea of a family name for at least one of the names. We were excited when we came up with a way to use family names for both of baby #2's names.  We are so happy to be welcoming Sullivan Hugh Graves in March 2014.  His name has such special meaning to the both of us.  Sullivan is Luke's moms maiden name, and Hugh is my papa's middle name.  So, he will be named after two of his late great grandfathers who were special to the both of us.  I absolutely love his name, and the special meaning.  We are trying to teach Hudson how to say it, but its a bit of a mouthful for him.  I know they will grow up so close, and I can't wait to meet Sullivan!

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