Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!  It was filled with family time, and lots of food.  Christmas Eve we go to Mass with Luke's family, Luke's grandmothers to open presents, to my moms, and this year we went to the 9PM service at our church.  Needless to say we were worn out.  I have been so excited about Hudson getting his train table.  I was up at 6Am to prepare our breakfast morning feast of quiche, hash brown casserole, and fruit.  Hudson was so worn out, about 7:30 we couldn't take it anymore, and woke him up.  He was still unaware of what was going on this year.  I think next year will be a whole different ball game.  He loved his train table, and I think his daddy loved it just as much.  He plays with it when Hudson is napping.  My parents stopped by, and then we went to Luke's parents for brunch.  We went to my parents from there to get gifts from them, then we had Christmas with Luke's family Christmas night.  I worked yesterday and today, so I am excited to relax this weekend, play with our new toys, and get caught up on rest.  We are all so blessed, and could not have asked for a better Christmas.  I can't believe we will have two kiddos at Christmas next year!  Here are pictures I snapped throughout Christmas Eve/Day.

He looked so cute for Mass, and I just wanted ONE good picture.

My sister always reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas" on
Christmas Eve at my moms.  Hudson was clearly into it.

He is ready for school next fall!  I think Nana was trying to give us a hint :)

I am so proud of myself for sticking to my guns, and not going overboard this Christmas.  I hope I can continue this, and teach Hudson and Sullivan the real meaning of Christmas for years to come.

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