30 Weeks

We are trucking right along!  I have felt really blah this week,and had zero energy.  I have been pretty nauseous, and only made it to the gym twice.  I was telling a friend I feel like pregnancy is finally slowing me down.  Hopefully this will pass soon, and we can fly through these next two months.

Weight:  As of my dr appt yesterday I have gained 18 lbs.  I feel like I have been a bottomless pit lately, and eat non stop.

Sleep:  Like a champ!  I can definitely tell a difference on the days I work out, I sleep so much better.

Food/Eating: As I said, i have been eating non stop.  I have to drink chocolate milk every single night before I go to bed.  I did the same thing with Hudson.  I have also been on a oatmeal kick.  

Movement:  Whoa does he move!  Luke could not get over it the other night just watching him without even touching.  He rarely stops moving, and I wonder if he ever sleeps in there.  I am praying he is going to be my "easy" baby, so I hope he sleeps when he comes out. 

What I miss:  Energy.  Not having to modify everything at the gym.  WINE.  Feeling good about myself.  Everyone is in "New Year" get healthy mode, and I just keep getting bigger. 

Looking Forward To:  Getting things ready for him.....finally.  I ordered Hudson's toddler bed today.  We are going to be transforming Hudson's room into Hudson and Sullivan's room in the next few weeks.  I am excited to get some things done, and some organizing done.  I made a list of things I want done around the house before he arrives, and we are starting on it this weekend.  I feel nesting coming on. 

My Doctor gave me this yesterday, and it set off a little bit of panic.  This is getting real.  I have been really worrying about labor/delivery lately.  If you all remember I had such an easy delivery with Hudson.   I am so worried it is going to go the opposite this time.  

Here we are this week.  

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