I thought I would do  a Hudson update since I haven't done one lately.  That, and when I am old and he wants to put me in a nursing home, I can remind him that I didn't put him up for adoption when most moms would.  I kid.  My mom asked me this morning "what are you going to do when there are two of Hudson?"  I replied "I guess they will be into everything together."  She said maybe Sullivan will be calmer.  Doubtful.  He will be a boy.  I can't wait for the craziness!  If I went through and listed the things he does it would be never ending.  On a day to day basis he does the following....usually multiple times each.

Hudson is a a boy through and through.  He loves cars, tractors, trains, dirt, climbing, and he thinks its hysterical when he burps or farts.

He is really into taking his diaper off.  It is extra special when he has pooped.....and I step in it.  Yep.  That has happened.  I can't decide if he is ready to start potty training, or really loves playing with his "thing."  As I have mentioned before I come from a family of girls, so this whole "playing with the peter" thing is new to me.  He loves it.  Typical man.  I can only imagine it will get worse the older he gets.  I can't fathom trying to start potty training two months before I have a newborn, so I think we will let that sleeping dog lie for a little while.

He loves trying to get in the oven.  There really should be a locking mechanism on those things.

He climbs on EVERYTHING.  It is a constant battle to keep him out of the cabinets.  I am so surprised we have not made a trip to the ER for a broken bone.  Knock on wood.

The tantrums.  Oh the tantrums.  My advice: Just walk away.

I am convinced he is Houdini.  He can open any door, lock, and medicine bottle.  It is scary.

He is still an erratic sleeper.  Sometimes he will pass out before 7, and sometimes he is up past 10.  He will sing, dance, jump, and drag out every toy in his room to fight sleep.  I would say 75% of the time I end up having to spank him to keep him in bed, and he will cry himself to sleep.  He always goes to sleep in his bed, and ends up in our bed at some point in the night.  This past weekend I cleaned his room out, rearranged the furniture, turned his bed back into a crib, and put in his new toddler bed.  I thought the excitement over a  new bed would make him want to sleep in it.  I haven't been able to keep him out of the crib.  Mark my word.  If it kills me, I will have Sullivan on a sleep schedule.  I am not sure if it will work, because I firmly believe some kids are not big sleepers, but I will go down trying.  I was not as diligent with Hudson, and it may have made a difference.  Oh the mistakes we make with the first child.

He is so stubborn.  If I hear him say "no" when I tell him to do something once a day, I hear it a million.  It is usually followed by a power struggle.  I refuse to be controlled by a two year old. Nor will I have a defiant child.

He gets spankings....a lot.  I don't even care to hear everyone's opinions on this.  To each their own.  That is what Hudson responds to better than anything.  Again, I will not have a defiant child.  Nor will I be on Dr. Phil one day crying my eyes out because my teenager beats me, and I can't understand why.  You better get a grip on that nonsense early.  It is not cute.

Going out to dinner is still not an option.  We occasionally torture ourselves, and venture out.  We are quickly reminded why we stay in as Hudson tries to climb over the seat, and join the people behind us for dinner. Never fails, we have a grump sitting behind us.

One of his favorite things to do is run through the house with his Thomas riding toy, and run it into the wall as hard as he can.  Now I know why my mom says you can't have anything nice until your kids are grown.

If it can be poured/dumped out, he manages to get his hands on it.  The fridge is another thing that should come with locks.

He would rather run, jump, climb, or wrestle than play with his toys any day. I cannot wait until we can start playing outside in the afternoons.

Moral of the story:  This age is HARD.  It will test you more than you have ever been tested. I literally cannot turn my head for one second.   There are days I have to physically restrain from putting my hands around his neck.  However, I know this too shall pass.  I just keep telling myself all this work will pay off when we hopefully have a well rounded, well behaved, respectful little boy.

By no means does this mean that I love my child any less.  I am just being honest.  I would not have it any other way.  That little boy has enough personality for three kids.

In the midst of his wildness he is the sweetest little boy.  He wants to give me hugs and kisses all the time.  He loves to curl up with me and watch tv.  It makes all of the hardship worth it.  I know that no matter how many times I have to raise my voice or spank, he will never stop loving me.

Bring on the crazy party of FOUR!


  1. This post literally made me laugh out loud! And I love the whole nursing home/adoption part!! Haha! And just to give you some hope, two and most of three were sooooo hard on us. I spent many days in tears. BUT - over the past few months, I have seen Ty change SO much! Now that we're creeping up on four, he's like a different kid!! I kept telling myself on all those hard trying days, "this too shall pass"! And it definitely has!

    1. Thanks so much! It is uplifting to know that other moms go through the same thing. I feel like all I do is discipline. I am so ready for my sweet little boy back.