38 Weeks

I had my 38 week check up yesterday, and Sullivan is still hanging in there.  Literally.  When she checked me at 36 weeks I was dilated to a one, and not effaced yet.  Last week I went.....same thing.  Any of you who have been pregnant know just how frustrating it is when you do not make any progress.  I have been in A LOT of pain this past week.  I really can't even pinpoint what the pain is.  I know it is something I never experienced with Hudson.  I never went into labor on my own with Hudson, so I really don't know what to expect.  I just know that my sister says I will "KNOW"  when it is real labor.  I have felt lots of pressure, back pain, period like cramping, and overall feeling yucky.  I have had some really bad days that I thought I could never make it another day, and I have had days where I have felt like I can hang in there a little longer.  I always feel really good in the mornings, but as the day progresses the pain gets worse.  I just chalk it all up to being my second pregnancy, and my body prepping for labor. That brings us to yesterday.  I was going to be really shocked if I had not made any progress.  Luckily I have, and did not have a meltdown on my doctor.  After checking me she said I was dilated to a two, and 50% effaced.  Thank you Jesus!  I wasn't expecting anything huge, but some progress is better than nothing.  She also said that his head has dropped, which is also good progress.  A lot of people (myself included) are shocked that I am not progressing faster considering how much I have worked out my entire pregnancy.  This just goes to show you cannot do anything to speed this process up.  I tried all the wives tales with Hudson, and nothing worked.  It is all up to the baby, and God's plan.  I have very strong feelings about not being induced unless I have to be, so I ask that everyone pray we go into labor on our own in the next two weeks.  Here are the usual updates for the week:

Weight: I lost a pound this week, so  we are back at 21lbs.  I have been playing with two pounds for about a month now.  Hopefully this is where I stay until I deliver.   

Sleep: As I told my mom this morning......I am sleeping as well as someone 38 weeks pregnant can.  I have been screwed up with the time change this week, and feeling a little more tired.

Food/Eating: I have been really nauseous the past few weeks.  I am not sure if it is from sinus congestion, or just third trimester nausea.  I have not had much of an appetite, which is probably why my weight is up and down.

Movement: He is still pretty active, which is another indicator that we are not going into labor anytime soon.  His movements are painful. Poor thing still gets the hiccups all the time.  A lot of times I feel sore by the afternoon from him moving around so much.  I am really trying to savor it, because it is one of my favorite parts of being pregnant.  I know I will miss it once I have him.

Looking Forward To: Other than the obvious, I have a mani/pedi planned for this weekend.  I got my hair done yesterday, so I will be nice and pampered by the time he gets here.

Here we are today.  I officially have the swollen face that every woman gets at the end of pregnancy.  Whenever I see someone at that point I think "yep, she is at the miserable stage."

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