3 Months

Our Sweet Sullivan is three months old.  He is no longer a "newborn," and we are no longer measuring the time by weeks.

You continue to amaze us with your calm/sweet demeanor.  You had your first trip to the beach two weeks ago, and you were a dream baby the entire week.  I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall, because you are too good to be true!  You have started "cooing" and it is about the sweetest thing ever.  Your eyes light up when we talk to you, and you smile all the time.  We go back to the dr next month, so I don't have any stats this month.  You have grown significantly in the past few weeks.  I feel like you are coming such a "chunk."  Your brother was so skinny and tiny for the longest time, and you are the total opposite.  You are filling out, and getting longer by the minute.

Eating: For completely selfish reasons mom threw in the breastfeeding towel on day three of our vacation.  I was over it before we left, and I just didn't do the work while we were out of town to keep my supply up.  We were having to supplement for a while, so I knew you would be just fine on formula.  You eat 4-6 oz every 2-3 hours.  You are such a chill baby.....until you get hungry.  If we do not have a bottle on hand when you get ready to eat, everyone better watch out.  Typical man.

Sleeping: You are still sleeping like a champ.  You had a little setback on vacation.  The last three or four days you would wake up between 3-3:30 to eat.  You have had a few nights like that since we got home, but majority of the time you sleep from 9:00-6-6:30.  You still sleep well being swaddled, but I am going to try to take that away in the next few weeks.  You really sleep best on your stomach, but I only put you on it for naps.  You are still not much of a napper.  You cat nap here and there, but not for long stretches.  If we take an hour long nap that is really good. I am giving us another month, and then I am going to move you to your crib.  We may have to do it before then, because you are about to outgrow your bassinet.

Milestones: You have grown like crazy this past month.  You keep your hands in your mouth, and constantly drool.  I think we are headed for teething soon.  You are learning how to "grasp" toys when I told them in front of you.  We are still working on head control.  I would say in the next month we will be able to hold you without worrying about your head.  You talk and coo all the time.  You don't seem like you are anywhere near rolling over.

Here are a few pictures over the past month

We celebrated Father's Day at the beach.

You are such a blessing to our family.  You are so calm and patient when your bother want to hold you, sticks his fingers in your mouth, and loves all over you.  I cannot wait for the two of you to be able to play together.  I know you will be so close.  We love you more than words can say!

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