4 Months

Our sweet Sully man is 4 months old today.

You continue to amaze us with your calm demeanor and laid back attitude.  You are such a chill baby, and we are so thankful for that.  You are also the happiest baby ever.  You light up every time someone talks to you.  We took you to the dr a few weeks ago for a false alarm ear infection, and you weighed 15lbs.  We will have the rest of your stats after your dr appt next week.

Eating: You are still eating like a champ.  The scale does not lie my friend.  You are getting to be such a chunk and I love every minute of it.  Your brother was always so skinny, so I am enjoying all of your rolls.  You take 4 oz every two hours, and sometimes you want six.  You spit up like crazy, so I try to offer four and wait a bit to see if that is enough for you.  If you eat six at once you usually spit most of it up.  You don't cry when you do spit up, so I don't think reflux is a problem.  I am hoping we will get cleared for cereal or oatmeal when we go to the dr.  Your brother never really cared for it, but I have a feeling  we won't find much you won't eat.  We have started putting you in the high chair while mom cooks dinner, and we eat.  You love looking around at everything.

Sleeping: You are still sleeping so well at night.  You have actually started going to bed earlier.  This past week I have put you in bed by 7:30, and you will usually sleep until 5:30 or 6.  You are still in the bassinet next to our bed.  I am going to hang on until you can no longer fit in it.  I think you would be just fine in your crib, but I am the one with the problem.  I also worry a little bit about your brother crawling in your bed and smothering you.  He has this thing with laying on top of you.  Who knows what that is about.  Hudson beats to his own drum, and I gave up figuring him out a long time ago.  You are still not much of a napper.  You like to cat nap during the day.  You are very very fussy when you are tired, and can be inconsolable if we let it go on too long.  You like your sleep.  You also like for the room to be dark and quiet, and swaddled up tight.  I really need to take the swaddle away, but the few times I have tried have not gone well.  I am not quite sure what we will do about that.  You may be swaddled until you are 5, I am enjoying my sleep too much to mess with you. We took at trip to AL last weekend for a family reunion.  As usual, you were a dream baby.  You are super attached to the Aden + Anais bamboo blankets.  You loved to hold then, and at night you light to have one against your face.  You also love your paci.  You really only use it to soothe for sleep, so I am not worried about taking it away. As soon as you fall asleep it falls out. Again, if it helps us sleep I am all about it.

Milestones:  I still dont have much to report here.  You have no interest in rolling over, and seem content on your back.  You are getting better about playing on your stomach, but prefer your back.  You really like "playing" with things.  You hold onto your toys with a death grip, and chew on them.  You love your play mat as well.  You bat at it non stop.  Another thing unlike your brother.  He was on the move from the time he was 3 months old, and hasn't stopped.  He was never really interested in toys, and wanted to be into everything.  I have a feeling we will be able to put you on a mat with toys and you will entertain yourself for hours.  It is so amazing to us how different you and your brother are.  You are in size two diapers now, and 6 month clothes.  

Other: You still have the bluest eyes that we are unsure of where they came from.  Your hair is getting so light, and its almost as if you will be blonde.  One thing is for sure, you are going to have your brothers dark complexion. Your brother has taken a little more interest in you.  He doesn't try to harm you as much anymore, but he is not loving toward you either.  Sometimes if you are sleeping or not in the room he will ask about you.  He is no help whatsoever.  I will ask him to put your paci in your mouth, and he will promptly respond "nope."  I know he will grow out of it, and the older you all get you will be so close.  You love him to death, and think he is the best thing ever.  You will light up if he will talk to you. We celebrated the 4th of July this month.

You absolutely love taking a bath.  You can throw the biggest fit, as soon as I put you in the bath you immediately calm down.  I will be excited when you and your brother start taking baths together.

The weather has been unusually cool the past few weeks, and we have been taking advantage of walks outside as much as possible.  You love to ride in the stroller too.  

Here are a few more pictures from this month.

Sully's first selfie

I know I sound like a broken record, but you are seriously the best baby.  We could have not asked for a better addition to our family.  I know you will grow up to be the sweetest little boy.  You love to touch my face when I am feeding you, and it makes my heart swell.  I have truly enjoyed you being a baby this past four months, and have not rushed it at all.  You can stay little forever, okay?  Thank you so much for choosing us to be your parents.  You and your brother are the absolute light of our lives, and make life so much more fun!  

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