This past weekend was a really big weekend for us! My best friend Katie and her boyfriend Brad stopped in Nashville on their way to her family vacation in Dolphin island, and stayed with us Thursday and Friday night. Although their trip was short we had such a good time, and i FINALLY got to try my wedding dress on for her =). Saturday we started our BIG renovation on the kitchen. The kitchen is the last and biggest project we have on the house! I am so excited because anyone that knows me and saw my kitchen before knows the renovation was a MUST! Our kitchen was very outdated and not very functional. So Luke, some of his friends, my dad, and uncle worked Saturday and Sunday and got everything gutted out. Its going to be very hard to be without a kitchen for what will hopefully be only for a few months, but knowing how much better my kitchen will be will get us thorough it, and our friends and family feeding us occasionally =). Next up this weekend taking out a wall! I have taken pictures of the progress, but I haven't downloaded them so i will post them soon and keep everyone updated on the progress!

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