Allie's Wedding

This past weekend was a BIG weekend for us....Luke's little sister Allie got married!  She looked absolutely gorgeous!  Luke and I both were in the wedding,  so our weekend was filled with wedding festivities=)  Friday we had the rehearsal dinner, and then Sat i had the bridal luncheon that morning and then ran around all day getting ready.  I could not be more happy for Allie and Brian and I hope they have a lifetime of happiness=).  Here are a few pics from the day....hopefully I will get more soon!


Ashley's 30th Birthday!

I am a little last with this post because i was waiting on pictures. Last weekend a huge group of us including my whole family went to Gatlinburg for the weekend to celebrate Ashley's 30th birthday! She didnt want to just sit at home and be sad about turing 30 so we all helped her not think about it. My family goes to Gburg often, but this was one of the best trips we have ever been on! Friday we got in town and just walked around and enjoyed the gorgeous weather, and all the fall decorations. Saturday morning we got up and all went to Dollywood. We had the time of our lives riding the rides and acting like kids. It was really special because Dollywood is just like Opryland so for those of us who spent a lot of our childhood at the theme part it took us all back to our childhood! It was also special because it was Macy Kate's first trip to a theme park! She loved every minute of it. Seeing her ride the little kiddie rides and laugh the whole time was worth all the money in the world! The park was decorated so neat for the fall, and of course I was loving it! Sat night we all went back to the cabin and grilled out for her birthday dinner, and then started an intense game of left,right,center. For most of us it was the first time we had ever played and it was so much fun! We liked it because 1) there was money involved and 2) it was very easly to follow and partake in adult beverages ha ha! The game lasted until the wee hours of the morning, so needless to say getting up Sunday morning and going to Pancake Pantry was the just what we all needed=) Here are some pics from the weekend!


We have cabinets!

We had our cabinets installed yesterday! I was so antsy yesterday at work i could not wait to get home and see them=) It was such a pleasant surprise when i got home. Even though i picked them out i was still a little nervous, but they are absolutely GORGEOUS! They have so much detail and i don't even think I'm going to put any hardware on them, because i think it will take away from the detail=). I have decided that I'm just going to wait until we are all finished and do a blog on the start to finish with pictures. I have been so bummed lately because this time of year makes me want to do all kinds of baking and try new recipes=( Hopefully sooner or later I will be able to put my new kitchen to the test. I have promised Luke that if he will please finish fast I will cook for him every night for a year...good thing i LOVE to cook ha ha! I cannot wait to show everyone the finished product.


Fall is HERE!

I LOVE the fall almost as much as I do Christmas! I have been getting so excited when I go to stores and see that Christmas stuff is already out.....I CANNOT wait to get carried away with decorating for Christmas, but before that I have to decorate for fall so I have been working on the outside of the house for the past week, and im almost finished! I thought I would show you all what I have done so far=)



As I told everyone before we went on our annual Girls Trip to New Orleans this past weekend, and had the time of our lives! Every year when we get back I always think I can't imagine how next years trip can top this one. Well yet again I was proven wrong, because NOLA was the best yet. We had the most amazing food I have ever eaten, and the entertainment was incredible. We arrived early Friday morning, checked into our hotel, and set out to see the town. We went to the Old New Orleans rum distillery, and it was awesome not only because the distillery is locally owned and run by artists, but they gave us complimentary cocktails before the tour, and a sampling of all the rums they make after. So needless to say we started our trip off right=). That night we decided to have a chill night and went to a fancy dinner at Commanders Palace which was on Top Chef. It was by far the best dinner I have ever had. Saturday morning we woke up early to get to the famous Cafe Du Monde for beingets and coffee. We strolled around the town that day taking in all the city had to offer. We were so lucky that they happened to be having the seafood festival that weekend. Saturday night was our big night out on the town on Bourbon Street! We partied like we were in college again staying out until 5AM,and now I know why we only get together and do this once a year. I am still recovering from the trip! Here are some pics from the trip=)

Me and Shan on the street car My amazing dinner at Commanders Palace

Jackson's Square