Happy, Happy Holidays!

As most women are I am OBSESSED with the holidays.  I love absolutely everything about it, other than the fact that I ALWAYS procrastinate on my shopping.  I have had both of my trees up and my house decorated since before Thanksgiving, but have not even put a dent in my shopping.  So this weekend Luke and i are going to brave the crowds and hopefully knock some of it out.  When the holidays come and go I always wish that would have done more "holiday" activities, but this year I have managed to cover quite a bit of those.  We went to see a Christmas Carol at the IMAX before Thanksgiving.  I went to visit my best friend Katie in OH and she had an Ugly Christmas party,this weekend me and Brit are having a party at her house, went to Opryland Hotel and did the light thing, going to Dickens Christmas this weekend, and next weekend going to Gburg (where i hope to see some snow=), and also going to Dollywood while we are there!  So hopefully after the holidays I won't feel like I have been deprived ha ha.  Im really hoping i get a camera for Christmas so I can start posting pitcures =).  I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL holiday season!!!

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