The Perfect Fit

Luke and I decided a few months ago that it was important for us to start going to church together, and set out to find the perfect church for us.  Luke grew up Catholic and I grew up Baptist, and we decided we just wanted to find a happy medium that seemed to fit for the both of us.  After visiting several churches and nothing clicking for us and getting very frustrated our neighbors invited us to church with them.  They attend Hermitage United Methodist church and althought I have lived very close to this church most of my life, and driven by it countless times I have never actually been to it.  We went for the first time about a month ago and absolutely loved it!  It has things that remind us both of the churches we grew up in.  I used to try and get Luke to go to church all the time and I never could get him to go, but since we started going to HUMC we have not missed a Sunday(except for when it was cancelled for snow)!  This is a place that I can see us attending for a very long time, and a church we can raise our kids in=)

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