Hello Weekend!

I am so excited for another nice relaxing weekend at home, because once spring rolls around its gonig to be non-stop until well into the fall!  Tomorrow night we are having friends over for a mexican night and watching the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics.  I for one LOVE the winter and summer Olympics, and especially the opening and closing  ceremonies.  I always feel so proud to live in this great country with such talented althletes when they roll around=).  Last weekend was our 2 YEAR anniversary, and like last year since it falls a week before V-Day we decided to forgo the crowds and go to dinner at Cafe Margot(which was amazing), and cook dinner for V-Day.  As you know by now i LOVE to cook and have been working all week in my menu!  I tell Luke how lucky he is to be with someone who cooks dinner almost every night ha ha=)  I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines's Day!!

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  1. yep, luke is definitely lucky! poor andy hasn't had a home cooked meal yet!! i'm ashamed to even admit that!!!