I made it through my first week!!

As I have said before im really trying to lose weight for the wedding, and I had been doing bootcamp....well last week in a moment of temporary insansity I decided to upgrade my package so I do bootcamp three days a week.  For any of you who have done bc its pretty intense.  Sometimes I feel like im on biggest loser ha ha.  So this morning marked my first week of completion.  I have never felt pain and soreness like I have this week in my entire life!  I was actually surprised that with just a day in between each session I could make it back.  As hard as it was and as many times as I have whined and complained it was the best decision!  I feel so much better and I know I am just getting closer with every workout to the way I want to look on my big day!  As far as weight loss I have not had the best past two weeks, last week I maintained and this week I lost 1 lb.  I have been working for 2lbs a week to make it to my goal of 30lbs by my last dress fitting so I have to get back on the ball and make up for it!  Hopefully with my new workout routine I will see better results. I am such a sucker for a glass or two of wine at LEAST two or three days a week, and I have successfully made it through my first week of no alcohol....however I will be enjoying a few tonight to reward myself ha ha!

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