Fabulous Find

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Yesterday my newly married best friend and I ventured out to Sam's Club to get our monthly essentials.  I have to admit Sam's club is one of my guilty pleasures, if you shop there I'm sure you can agree that once you start buying in bulk you get so spoiled.  I don't really buy a lot of food, but laundry detergent,paper towels, and TP are alwayss a must for me.  It is so nice to stock up and not have to worry about running out for a few months.  As we were browsing through the produce I came across these little guys (sorry the picture is bad I took it with my phone).

They are called kiwi berries.  They have the skin and are the size of a grape, but you bite into them and its a kiwi!  I feel like I have came across a gold mine, why you ask?  I LOVE kiwi, but never buy it because I hate peeling it.  So you can just pop these guys in your mouth with no fuss of the fuzzy skin.  The taste is almost identical to a kiwi except they are not as bitter.  Has anyone ever seen these before? If you like kiwi you must try them!

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