Biggest Loser.....family style

A few weeks ago I was complaining to my mom that I was having a hard time getting back on the workout/diet wagon, after my best friends wedding, well she said that she was having the same problem  I have realized that I have to have a goal to work towards when it comes to losing weight,  I worked so hard to lose weight for the wedding, and then kept it up for my friends wedding, and now I have this down time, and I need a challenge.  So I started thinking and I came up with the idea for us to all to have a weight loss competition.  I really want my family to be healthy and make a lifestyle change so I thought this would be the perfect way for us to all motivate each other.  The original plan was for us to start last Sunday but several of us got a virus and were sick all weekend so we postponed it until this Sunday.  So this is how the contest is going to work.  We are going to weigh in every Sunday, the person with the highest percentage of weight loss gets a free pass, the person with the lowest has to pay $10, and everyone in between pays $5.  If for some reason you don't want to or can't weigh in you have to pay $10.  The person who has the highest percent of weight loss at the end of 16 weeks wins all the money!  The people in the contest are my mom, dad, sister, brother in law, aunt, uncle, my best friend Brittany and her husband Michael, and if course me and Luke.  I know we are crazy for starting this right before the holidays, but I figured this would be a good way to keep each other motivated through the holidays and not over indulge.  The men in my family have been doing so much smack talking, and are so competitive it is going to be fun to kick their butts.  We are going to take before and after pictures, and I promise to keep everyone updated on how everyone is doing.  If you have been wanting your family to get in shape this is a good way to get everyone on board and make it fun, because who doesn't like a challenge and winning money?

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