Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures.

I have to be completely honest, dieting during the holidays has been extremely difficult.  Along with the rest of my family I have asked myself so many times "what was I thinking" when I decided to start this contest right before Thanksgiving.  I am completely confident that after it is all over with and everyone is starting their workout regimens at the beginning of the year, and we have a head start we will be so thankful, but in the meantime it is pure torture.  Well yesterday the sugar cravings became almost unbearable so I was on a mission to find some sort of cookie recipe that will fit into my diet.  I absolutely love Gina's Skinny Recipes website, and refer to it often when trying to come up with things to make for dinner.  As usual her website did not disappoint, I found the recipe for these cookies, and went home and made them.  I was like a kid in a Candy store, because I have missed not only eating but getting to cook all the goodies during the holidays.  I am not sure if it is because I have been deprived, but I was very impressed!  Don't get me wrong they are no Mrs. Fields, but for only 46 calories they were wonderful.  So if anyone else is insane and decided to start a diet during the holidays I would definitely recommend these for a sweet fix.  Oh and I will say I shortened the cook time to about 25 minutes because my first batch was a little stiff, but the second was perfect!

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  1. Gosh, I can only imagine. I'm always trying to watch what I eat, but its so hard during the holidays. Take for example, today...one of my colleagues brought in this orange, gooey cake. And I kept trying to tell myself I didn't need it, but I eventually gave in. Now of course I feel super guilty and wish I never ate it, but its the holidays, its sooo hard to say no:) However, I'm definitely going to try out the website you recommend!!