Too Good To Be True?

I ran out to Wal-Greens on my lunch break today, and as I was browsing I came across this.

I have a VERY bad habit of biting my nails, but I will go in spurts where I can get them looking really good, and I use Sally Hansen Grow Nails Now.  Normally I would think products like this are a waste but I can honestly say that it really works.  So when I saw this nailgrowth miracle I was intrigued, until I looked down at that price $10.99 for this little bottle!  I don't mind paying for things if they really work, but I couldn't bring myself to do it today.  I am almost out of my Grow Nails Now, so I am hoping to get some feedback on Nailgrowth Miracle, because if it really is a miracle like the box says SIGN ME UP!

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