Fabulous Find

I am back with a fabulous find.  Before I introduce this product I should probably tell you about my love for good smelling laundry.  Some might say I am a little obsessed with fabric softener.....I usually put five or six cap fulls in each load.  I blame my mom for this obsession because she is the same way, so naturally she introduced me to this fabulous find.  She told my about Tide Sport so I decided to try it, and it did not disappoint.  This stuff not only leaves your laundry smelling yummy, but your whole house will smell like it.  Sometimes I don't even use fabric softener when I use it.  It is a little on the pricey side, but if you are like me and enjoy smelling good its worth it.  It is also really good for getting smells out of workout clothes.  Let me know what you think if you try it or already have.

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  1. I LOVE good smelling laundry. I must admit that I always like to see other people's laundry room and what it smells like :) and I ALWAYS notice someone with really good smelling clothes! I will def try this. Thanks!!

    p.s. i always use lots of fabric softener too, with matching smelling dryer sheets as well ;)