20 Weeks

I had this scheduled to post last week, and for some reason it did not.

I am HALF WAY there.....it seems so far away, yet so close.  The first half of my pregnancy went by so fast, so I am curious to see if the second half does.  Speaking of.... does it seem like Mariah Carey has been pregnant forever to anyone else?  Random I know, but I saw something online about her painting her belly like an Easter egg, and other than thinking it looked ridiculous I thought she had already given birth.

Total Weight Gain: My doctor appointment is next Tuesday so I will know then, I have to say I am very nervous about my appointment, because I feel like I am hungry all the time, and been eating a lot more than normal.

Sleep: Other than storms and bathroom breaks waking me up I have not had any problems.

Food/Eating: As I mentioned earlier I have been so hungry lately and feel like I need to eat any and everything I can get my hands on.  I try to make healthy choices when the urge hits me to eat, but I don't thing the amount of almonds I have been consuming in a day constitutes as healthy.  I have been eating a ton of fruit, but again all the sugar cannot be good for me or the baby.

Movement: I have felt him move some this week, I am ready for some distinct movements.

Gender: Hudson Dale....I found the sweetest Kissy Kissy sleeper on Zulily.com this week for a great deal. 

What I Miss: being able to be my normal busy body self.  I have no problem with all the running around, but I definitely get worn out a lot faster.

What I am looking Forward To: my parents opening their pool this weekend, and being able to get in some good workouts in the water.

Best Moment of the Week: seeing how loved this little boy is going to be.  He got his first Easter basket, and he is not even here yet.  Luke's grandmother set up savings fund for him, and I am hoping by the time he goes to college we will have enough saved for it.

I am heading to Charleston tomorrow for a bachelorette party!  I know it will not be like a normal bach party for me, but I am excited to relax at the beach, and catch up with my best girlfriends!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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  1. Congrats on your upcoming marriage and baby boy!! What an exciting time in your life! I wish I'd found your blog before today cuz I'm getting married too in 38 days and I've been trying to find some fellow engaged gal blogs! Happy planning in the upcoming future and I look forward to reading all about it now that I'm a follower! :)