Hidden Treasure

This may not be a hidden treasure to other people, and I may have just been in the dark, but when I ventured into Lowe's yesterday I felt like I hit a jackpot.  I love having flowers in my yard, and fixing it up nice for the summer.  We are a little late this year, but I went to Lowe's to look around and I came across the "damaged" rack.  In other words these flowers just needed a little TLC, and were discounted.  I'm talking Gerber Daisies for .36, I always love a good deal so I was pumped to walk away with a TON of flowers for $12.  Now these are nothing pretty to look at and they look like weeds in my flowers beds/pots, but I am confident that with a little love, and some miracle grow they will be beautiful in now time.  I may have wasted my money and cannot bring them back to life, but if they turn out pretty I know where I will get getting my flowers from now on.

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