Madison Denise Kessler

Maddie made her way into this world Saturday July 3rd at 2:37AM.  I am not sure if I mentioned it in a previous post, but my sister had a c-section scheduled for today, well Maddie had other plans...

My sister had been having pretty good contractions for about two weeks, and we all thought that it would be any day, and then she would go to her Dr appt and had not made any progress, so we thought she would for sure go until her c-section.  Luke's family vacation was last weekend, and I was a little nervous about leaving town. She went to her Dr appt on Thursday and she was dilated to a two and her cervix had not thinned at all, and we thought the coast was clear.  We stayed up late hanging out with Luke's family on Saturday night and after being in bed a little over an hour Luke's phone rang at 1:00AM, and it was my mom saying that Ashley was on her way to the hospital her contractions were a minute apart.  I could hear that it was my mom on the phone and I immediately got out of bed and started getting my stuff together.  Luckily we had already packed everything up, and we just threw everything in the car and hit the road.  Shortly after we were on the road my aunt called me from the hospital and said that Ashley was at a 9, Maddie was coming, and there was no time for an Epidural. 

This is a funny little background story.....so my mom has been trying to convince us to have natural labor because she did, and she thinks it is so much better for the baby, and she says its such an empowering feeling.  Well my sister and I have just laughed her off and said she was absolutely crazy, turns out my sister did get the chance to experiencing what she had been talking about, kind of.

Now back to the delivery, apparently when they go to the hospital the nurses were having a fourth of July party, and as soon as they realized Ashely was at a nine chaos broke out.  My mom said there were nurses running around like crazy, and they never even hooked the fetal monitor up.  They kept telling Ashely not to push , and she said that was the hardest part because that is exactly what your body wants to do.  My mom said she was OK the whole time and Ashely did wonderful, and then one of the nurses said "this baby is breached".  I think that is when everyone started to get worried, but luckily Ashely's Dr got there, went straight in, checked, and said "yep that's a butt".  That is when they took Ashely back and did an emergency c-section.  They were only at the hospital for about an hour before Maddie was born, so I can only imagine how intense it was with everything that happened in such a short amount of time.  Although she didn't push Maddie out Ashley said she feels like she can say that she experienced natural childbirth and from what I heard over the phone she gets points in my book.  I guess that just shows how much the drugs can control your labor, because it happens a lot faster when your body does it naturally.  I don't think I will be jumping on the all natural train, but I am proud of my sister for doing it.  I have said this whole time that I don't care how Hudson gets here as long as he is healthy, but the only thing I feel strongly about is not being induced.  If it can be avoided I do not want to be induced and would rather my body go into labor naturally.  Maddie is the sweetest little thing, with TONS of personality.  The nurses in the nursery said they have never seen a newborn who is so opinionated , so it looks like we have another Macy Kate on our hands.  I did not get many great pictures, but here is what I have so far, and I know there will be plenty more to come :)

A lot of people have asked me how Macy Kate is
doing with having a new sister.  Does this face give you an idea?

She actually does really well with her, sometimes she is all about
her and sometimes she don't even want you to talk about her.
She was sitting on the end of Ashley's bed one day and
looked at her so serious and said "is that baby going to eat your booby" ha ha.

I plan on spending most of the weekend loving on that little girl, and I will get better pictures to post next week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. OMG she does look exactly like MK when she was born!!!