Guessing Game

Everyone has their opinion on when they "think" Hudson will be born, so I thought it would be fun to make a list of every one's predictions.  I know if i don't document it I will forget, and I am interested to see if anyone guesses the correct date.

Luke: Friday....he says this every week because he wants him to be born on a Friday.
Mom- Thursday...as in Tomorrow
Brittany: She just thinks at some point this weekend, because both of my sisters babies have been born around holidays.
Michael: Tuesday Sept. 6th
Jill: Saturday...Sept 3rd
Josh: Sept. 9th
Leigh: Sept. 5th
Connie Sept 10th
Ashley: Sept 3rd

These are all of the guesses I have had so far, I will add dates as people tell me.

I for one have no idea when he will be here, I know he will come when he is good and ready.  I think if I do have him early it will be within a few days of my due date.  I am pretty pumped that nobody thinks he will be here after my due date.....I hope one of you are correct!

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