Sleep Training- Day One

Last night was our first night of sleep training....it was not a complete success, but not too bad either.

We think part of the issues we have been having with sleeping at night is due to the fact that Hudson wants to sleep late in the afternoon, so we kept him up as long as possible.  After a few crying spells and playing with every toy Hudson has he made it until 7:45, and we put him down.  We went into the den, because it is furthest from his room, after 20 minutes of screaming, several trips in to put the paci back in his mouth, and a glass of wine for a frazzled mama, he finally passed out.

He woke up around midnight, I nursed him, put him back down, and the crying commenced.  I probably made ten trips in to pat his back, and put the paci back in.  After an hour of him screaming I caved, I just could not handle him screaming anymore, so I got him, and put him in the bed with me.  As soon as I put the paci in his mouth he was out, and slept until 6AM. 

I know he didn't make it all night in his bed, but it is a start.  I had the best night's sleep I have had in a while, so for that it was a success to me. 

Stay tuned for night two, and if you have any suggestions/advice we would appreciate it.


  1. My guess is a growth spurt, too. You are doing all of the right things and the real key is to do what you're doing and start him out in his bed and try to keep him there. It doesn't always work, but after a week or so he should have no troubles sleeping all night in his bed. But in the meantime, enjoy the nights he just wants to cuddle with his mama... that's the best, isn't it? He won't always want to do that so enjoy it now!

  2. I know that sleep training can be tough - My friend just worked really hard with her little boy, and it paid off! Keep trying! I know it will be worth it! :)

  3. I think you're doing the right thing! Keep starting him out in his bed and if he ends up in your bed before the next morning - that's okay too! I have a feeling he'll gradually stop crying to be in bed with you all. There are times now when I actually WANT Ty to sleep or nap with me - and he refuses to! He wants HIS bed!! Haha!