Sleep Training- Day Two, sort of....

I admit, I am weak to my child crying.  Due to the screaming fits on Monday night Hudson sounded awful yesterday, so I just could not bring myself to let him do it again last night.  I did put him in his bed, but as soon as he started screaming I went and got him.  After a little bit of crying he went to sleep and slept until 4!  I nursed him, put him back down, and I had to wake him up at 6:30 this morning.  I have to admit, I had no shame having him in bed with me since we both slept so well, part of me wonders if he would have done the same thing in his bed.  We may try again tonight, or I may cherish this time ,and snuggle with him all night.

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  1. Our nights sound the same. My daughter hates her crib and bassinet and she goes from crying to screaming in seconds. We usually are able to put her in her bassinet when she first does down at night but the rest of the night I just pull her in with us. I need sleep to and she will only be this little once lol. That's my excuse at least hehe