What A Night.

We had quite the evening at the Grave's house last night.  First off, Luke went to change Hudson's diaper, and I hear him yell for back-up.  I go in the nursery to see him holding Hudson up on his changing pad, naked, poop all over the pad, and up Hudson's back.....his face was priceless.  I helped him get him cleaned up, and we gave him a bath.  After his bath he had a bottle and went to bed around 8.  He woke up around 10, Luke went in to give him his paci, and change his diaper.  At that point he put him in the bed with us, I woke up to him kicking me around midnight.  I then realized that his diaper is completely off, awesome.  Of course he has peed all over our bed, himself, and me.  After a diaper, sheet, and PJ change I got him back to bed.....he was up again at 2, 3:30, and 5:30.  Needless to say I am one tired mama today.  I think daddy will start doing a better job of putting diapers on from now on.  I was exhausted and frustrated last night, but thinking about it now, it is pretty funny.  I mean how could you get mad at this face.....

This is random, but our baby monitor literally lights up the whole room, it drives me nuts!  Is this how all monitors are? 


  1. Bless your heart!! :-) And yes, our baby monitor lights up our room too - I put a towel over it alot of times!!

  2. Aww look at that face.. I want to squeeze him!!! Preferably after he's been bathed ;)