Ten Months

Remember me?  I have had an insane two weeks to say the least.  I didn't even realize you would be ten months old until yesterday.  Seriously how does this happen so fast?

I feel like the older you get the faster time passes.  You are getting to be such a big boy.  I may or may not have had a minor meltdown the other day when I looked at you and realized you are starting to look more like a little boy than a "baby."  I have no doubt that you will always by my baby, and I am sure this will drive you insane when you are older, but don't forget it. 

One of your favorite things to do now is crawl up on moms scale, so you weigh yourself often.  I have to look back, but I think you may be loosing weight.  As of two days ago you weighed 21.8 lbs. 

I am knocking on wood as I type this, but I think we officially have a baby that sleeps through the night!  For the past two weeks you have slept in your bed, all night long.  WOO HOO!  This is a pretty big deal in the Graves house.  To be honest I don't have a lot of extra energy or feel like I am sleeping more, but it is nice for everyone that we have reached this milestone. 

We did have something very interesting happen in the past month.  You lost your voice.  It was the weirdest thing. You are a very "vocal" baby, but you could not talk, cry, laugh, or make any sort of sound.  I didn't think much at first, and then I got a little concerned, so we went to see Dr. LaLonde.  Turns out you had Croup.  I had always associated Croup with a really nasty cough, but you didn't have any sort of cough.  In fact, you didn't even act like you felt bad.  You did get to sleep with mom and dad for a few nights, because we would have had no way of hearing you if you woke up at night.  After a few days of steroids you were good as new. 

The same day you had to go to the Dr. your friend Ethan was born!  The date was July 6th.  I will do another post on that later.

We had a wonderful 4th of July this year.  Your "Sa Sa" and "Granddaddy" came over to "Nana" and Paw Paw's" for our annual pool party.  Speaking of the pool, you are loving it!  We even put you on the slide, I thought it would scare you, but you loved it.  I hope I do not have a daredevil on my hands, but it is looking that way.

We had a busy week the 4th of July, on Saturday we had Maddie's first birthday party!  You had such a good time playing with all of her toys.

You will see a trend in every picture, you are not wearing shoes.  I cannot get you to wear shoes, every time I put them on you it's like it paralyzes you, and you act like a donkey.  I am hoping with fix this problem by winter, or you are going to have some cold piggies.

You are such a good eater.  I can put anything in front of you, and you will eat it.  I usually feed you whatever we are having for dinner, and it is making my life so much easier.  We had spaghetti squash the other night, and you absolutely loved it.  Of course you got it everywhere and needed a bath afterwards.  You are doing much better with a sippy cup, and still love your bottle.  I am a little worried about how I will get the bottle away from you.  I break a cardinal rule of motherhood, and give you a bottle at bed.  You love it, and it helps you go to sleep.  I do know it will be a party at our house the day I no longer have to spend 30 minutes of my night washing bottles. 

You are still crawling ever where....fast.  You are pulling up and walking along anything that will hold you up.  I have a feeling you may be taking steps soon.  You love to walk with us holding your hands.

You are the happiest baby, and smile ALL the time.  You light up when I pick you up in the afternoon, and it just makes my day.  You do have a temper, and have started throwing fits if something doesn't go your way.  I see disciplining in your near future. 

You are very rough, and always on the go.  I always say you are my busy little bee, because you are always curious and into something.  You are not the type of baby that I can just sit and hold, you are always trying to figure out what you are going to get into next.  I miss the days of you letting me rock you to sleep. 

You continue to amaze us, and bring us joy every single day.  Nana always told me I would feel like I could burst with the love I have for you.  I understand what she is talking about now.  We can't wait for you to wake up in the mornings, and I can't get to Nana's fast enough in the afternoons to pick you up.  I don't know what we ever did to deserve you, but we thank God everyday for bringing you into our lives.  You are so loved by so many people, and I hope you grow up knowing just how special you are to us.  We are going to the beach the weekend, and I am so excited for your first beach vacation!

I promise to take more pictures next month.

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